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SaaS Solutions

Empower your business with intelligent automation, high availability, scalability, and enhanced security and compliance through our SaaS solutions. 

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Architect, deploy, and integrate AWS infrastructure for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application structures. Our collaboration with clients encompasses various SaaS application contexts. We specialize in designing, implementing, and integrating AWS solutions customized for specific use cases, ensuring superior functionality and smooth integration for optimal performance.

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rapid business growth

Architect, automate compliant SaaS for rapid growth and improved performance

Ease of multitenancy

Create multitenant SaaS solutions for streamlined deployments and reduced overhead

Availability and Scalabilty

Create secure, scalable SaaS with API, microservices, and event-driven processing

Invenger Cloud's SaaS Solution Design Expertise

Implementing robust security measures, we define security plans and execute tenant isolation models for SaaS users. We strategize user authentication and authorization for AWS service management and the SaaS application. Proactive monitoring is conducted across multiple layers to predict and mitigate potential infrastructure issues. Analytics on logs, billing, and metrics aid in identifying tenant errors early. Automated solution deployments balance rapid scaling with configurable setups for efficiency. Backup capabilities ensure the ability to revert recent changes when necessary. Efficiently manage Amazon EC2 instances and resources through established tagging strategies. Additionally, custom billing modules based on tenant usage facilitate cost segregation for effective billing management.

Invenger Cloud: Your AWS SaaS Consulting Partner

We have a proven record of delivering comprehensive and successful SaaS design solutions for organizations across a range of industries, from startups to large enterprises.

Proficiency, Expertise, and AWS Accreditation


We have experience managing and executing projects on AWS, for enterprises and startups.


The Invenger Cloud team has applied SaaS solution design expertise across diverse projects, incorporating robust automation for swift feature delivery.

AWS Credentials

We are a certified APN Premier Tier Services Partner, holding AWS SaaS Competency, DevOps Competency, Migration Competency, Data & Analytics Competency, Managed Services Provider (MSP) Partner, Well-Architected Partner, and Authorized Reseller statuses

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