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AWS Foundational Technical Review

Assisting in minimizing security, reliability, and operational risks. 

AWS Foundational Technical Review by Invenger Cloud

What are the AWS Foundational Technical Review?

The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) empowers you to recognize and address risks in your products or solutions. It necessitates meeting defined requirements aligned with the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure adherence to AWS best practices in security, reliability, and operational excellence.

How does a Foundational Technical Review differ from AWS WAF assessment?

AWS Partners validate ISV solutions via FTR to obtain an "Reviewed by AWS" badge, funding, and AWS Partner Program eligibility. AWS WAFR consistently improves customer AWS workloads across pillars: cost, performance, security, reliability, and operational excellence through ongoing assessment and enhancements.

Invenger Cloud delivers your Foundational Technical Review

Invenger Cloud, an early participant in the AWS Well-Architected Program, is now a leading and experienced AWS Partner offering Foundational Technical Reviews. As a certified AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Audited MSP with DevOps and Migration competency, Invenger Cloud possesses profound expertise in AWS environments. Our commitment to values encourages us to challenge conventions and deliver innovative solutions. Partnering with clients based on shared goals, we’ve found that AWS Well-Architected and Foundational Technical Reviews foster the ideal environment to establish new partnerships and strengthen existing ones.

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