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Enhancing global tech Unicorns’ growth through impeccable multi-channel support.

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Remarkable Enhancement of Key Performance Indicators: Unprecedented Customer Satisfaction Levels

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential
metrics used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of 24/7 support
services. They help in evaluating the performance and quality of support
operations. Here are some common KPIs for our 24/7 support services

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First Response Time (FRT)

It is pivotal in customer service. It significantly influences Customer Satisfaction, Issue Resolution Speed, and Retention rates. It aids in preventing escalations and meeting Service Level Agreements. A low FRT ensures timely responses to customer inquiries, benefiting various critical aspects of service quality.

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Resolution time

It is a crucial metric in customer support and service operations. It measures the amount of time it takes for a support team to completely resolve a customer's inquiry or issue after the initial contact is made. In essence, Resolution Time reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of the support process.

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First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Resolve rate on initial contact without subsequent follow-ups

Ticket Volume

The aggregate count of support tickets received within a defined timeframe.

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Ticket Backlog

The total count of unresolved tickets existing at a particular moment

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Employee Satisfaction (ESAT)

Gauges the happiness and motivation of support staff regarding their contentment.

Cost per Ticket

The average expense to address a single support ticket and its resolution.

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Escalation Rate

The percentage of cases that require escalation to higher-level management.

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Abandoned Interaction

Customer calls or chats abandoned before being answered rate.

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The period when support services are available and operational for customers.

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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT widely employed in customer service, gauges satisfaction levels across products, services, and interactions. We ensure adherence to practices concerning measurement, question formats, calculations, interpretations, uses, benchmarking, feedback, trends, and business correlation.

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS gauges customer inclination to endorse our support service, employing a 0-10 rating. Categorizing customers into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors based on their satisfaction levels, this method helps in tracking feedback to enhance and improve our services continuously.

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Shared Team

This service will help you extend your current team and provide customer support for the launch of your product.

  • Shared Agents
  • MultiChannel Support
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Dedicated Agents
  • Personal Management Team
Dedicated Team Turn Key

A dedicated team of professionals with a personal management team integrated into your company structure. We are a remote extension of your in-house team.

  • Dedicated Agents
  • MultiChannel Support
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Personal Management Team
Dedicated Team

Begin assembling your workforce with a dedicated team of specialists solely focused on serving your customers, a preferred choice for many companies

  • Dedicated Agents
  • MultiChannel Support
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Personal Management Team


FAQ To get the fastest answer for any question simply contact us and ask anything.

What is customer support?

Customer support is a range of services aimed at providing the customers with assistance and answers when it comes to purchasing and using the product.

Why do companies outsource customer service?

Outsourcing Support service is a great way to gather a team that is going to ensure a great user experience and will provide top-notch care without you having to set the team up and teach them the product. Invenger Cloud will do that for you

What are the outsourcing customer service benefits?

Outsourcing help and business support helps you leave the room for developing your brand and reach new heights without having to worry about hiring and teaching support consultants. Plus, outsourced customer service costs are much lower than building an in-house team from scratch.

How to outsource customer service?

To outsource your customer support service, contact us at info@invenger.com, and we will answer all the questions and provide you the help you need.

How much does it cost to outsource customer service?

It all depends on the size of the team, the number of languages, your hours of operation and whether you prefer a dedicated or shared team of consultants. Contact us at +91 9845075455 / info@invenger.com.