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Amazon EKS Anywhere offered by Invenger Cloud

Deploy Amazon EKS Anywhere on your local on-premises infrastructure.

Run Amazon EKS Anywhere

on your on-premises infrastructure

Amazon EKS Anywhere empowers you to establish and manage Kubernetes clusters on-premises, offering automated tools for supporting the entire cluster lifecycle. Utilizing the identical Kubernetes distribution as Amazon EKS on AWS, it comes with default component configurations and tools designed for the automation of cluster management tasks.

We excel as leaders with expertise in the following domains


Ensuring the security of your applications

in an isolated environment and upholding data sovereignty for large datasets to comply with regulatory requirements


Revamping on-premises applications

without the need to directly manage Kubernetes upstream maintenance and security patches


Initiate your transition to managed Kubernetes

by deploying Amazon EKS clusters on your on-premises infrastructure


Attaining a hybrid cloud to establish operational consistency

between Amazon EKS on AWS and on-premises Amazon EKS Anywhere, utilizing a unified toolset

Why Invenger Cloud

As a leading AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Invenger Cloud has a broad experience in DevOps and AWS modern operations. We collaborate with our clients to build affordable configurations, implement rapid deployment, and mitigate ease of management with Kubernetes applications on AWS.

What We Can Do for You

device internet connection

Establish a secure connection between your on-premises infrastructure and the AWS Cloud

Amazon EKS

Deploy and set up Amazon EKS anywhere on your on-premises servers

device cog setting setup
access controls

Implement access controls for Amazon EKS operating on your on-premises infrastructure