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Managed Services

Unleash the Power of Managed Cloud Support  

Cloud Optimization Services

Automate operations, manage resource consumption and economy of spend while adhering to cloud governance standards through our cloud optimization services.

Streamline The Cloud Environment using our optimization services

Optimization is at the heart of cloud computing. That’s why our philosophy is to build a cloud ecosystem that is optimized across Network, Storage, Compute, and Operations to drive higher ROI. We do this without compromising on performance, security or scalability. Our cloud experts help you streamline IT operations and enhance cost efficiency while following industry best practices, as well as adhering to security and compliance guidelines.

Our Platform Expertise

As an AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner, Invenger Cloud offers the best of AWS tools and services that can be leveraged to suit your cloud optimization needs. Our partnership with AWS means that our certified engineers provide you with rigorously validated optimization frameworks and mature processes. Invenger Cloud’s specialists ensure that end-to-end optimization activities are carried out while adhering to the highest standards of security and governance to optimize your cloud and gain cost benefits.

Whether you decide to go for public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, our teams will streamline your IT infrastructure to help you achieve cost reduction and improve application performance. This is what finally gives your users a phenomenal user experience.

The 6 Pillars of Cloud Optimization

The 6 Pillars of Cloud Optimization are the foundation of all optimization activities. As part of all of this, you will receive the best in security and governance standards with our years of expertise. 

Cost Management

Optimize cloud resources by aligning with application needs, minimizing over-provisioning, and implementing a cost management approach. Monitor costs regularly, identify optimization opportunities, and use cost-saving options for efficiency in cloud.

Performance Optimization

Design applications for efficient scalability. Implement load balancing to distribute traffic and optimize resource use.Elevate your user experience by deploying robust caching mechanisms and integrating Content Delivery Networks.

cloud server hand

Ensure uninterrupted service by designing fault-tolerant architecture for high availability. Develop and rigorously test disaster recovery plans to minimize downtime and data loss in the face of catastrophic events, safeguarding the continuity and integrity of your applications.

security lock

Ensure data security with encryption for information at rest and in transit. Implement strong access controls and identity management to restrict resource access. Utilize monitoring tools for prompt detection and response to security incidents, fortifying overall data protection.

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Operational Excellence

Enhance operational efficiency through automation for tasks, effective monitoring and logging, and the development of comprehensive documentation and best practices. This approach reduces errors, optimizes performance, and facilitates knowledge transfer within the organization.

cloud load balancing cluster
Scalability and Elasticity

Design applications for versatile scaling. Implement auto-scaling to adjust resources, guaranteeing peak performance without unnecessary provisioning. This dual strategy enables applications to adapt effectively to varying workloads, maintaining optimal efficiency and resource utilization.

Monitor and improve network performance with global load balancing, packet loss monitoring, and bandwidth management

Save bandwidth costs by implementing HTTP compression schemes and compression algorithms 

Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN), to reduce latency and network costs 

Optimize the lifecycle of data backups and snapshots

Assess and identify the optimal disk instances to be used. Consider disk compression and sophisticated object storage mechanisms 

Consider a hybrid storage model in which a disk is used for small and fast data (short-term storage), the rest is sent to object storage 

Use reserved instances to avail of billing discounts as compared to on-demand pricing 

Use these or convertible reserved instances when workloads have stabilized and scaled for cost savings. Gain the flexibility to modify reservations across instance families/sizes, operating systems, and tenancy

Avail deep discounts for using spot instances for containerized applications. Reserve stateless services such as data transformation services for spot instances 

Select an instance type that closely matches your desired compute requirements without paying for non-required capacity 

Optimize your selection for CPU usage, memory, storage, and networking profile 

Scale horizontally or vertically based on event triggers in compute requirements 

View the cloud infrastructure in its entirety instead of through silos. Save the human effort and costs for setting up, monitoring, and maintaining infrastructure 

Avoid over-provisioning of resources, select the lowest-cost resources that cater to your technical needs, and optimize data transfer costs